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Re: Information for the Upcoming Songwriter’s Collaboratives for 2024

Deadlines for Song Submissions:
April 1 – “Vote”
July 1 – “Songs that Make a Difference: Human Relations”
October 1 – “Christmas Collaborative Part II: Songs that Celebrate the Season”

Dear Esteemed Artists,

We had an amazing turnout of songwriters for the Broadway Loft Concert Christmas Collaboration, and we want to thank all who participated in the event. It may come as no surprise that because of the success of the last show we want to extend the invitation once again. We have three shows this year where we want to feature songwriters. With each show we will feature 10-12 songs for each concert.

The first BLC songwriter’s collaborative is in June, and songs need to be submitted to us by April 1st to be considered for the show. The topic/prompt for this show that we want you to derive inspiration from is “Vote”. This is a very important year for our country as it is an election year. Voting is one of the most important rights that we have as citizens of this country, and the power of which should never be underestimated. Ideas for songs can express topics being discussed in this political season that are of pertinent to you, expressions of the importance of having a voice in democracy, or confusion around what’s happening in the world and the need for change.

The second BLC songwriter’s collaborative will be in September. Submissions for this concert will be due July 1st. The topic/ prompt for this show is “Songs that Make a Difference: Human Relations”. This topic is all about how we can better serve and help our fellow neighbors and friends and be better at listening to each other. Or maybe a song that is a balm for the ills of the day. We need to find a way to build better relationships and understanding with those in and out of our lives.

The last songwriter’s show will be in December. Submissions for this concert will be October 1st. This is a BLC “Christmas Collaborative Part II: Songs that Celebrate the Season”. Like the last Christmas concert, we want you to submit an original Christmas, holiday, or seasonal song.

Information on how to submit your songs will be set out in the next couple weeks. I hope these topics help get some of your creativity flowing and inspire you to submit a song for these concerts. These concerts are an excellent platform for showcasing your skills, creativity, and originality to a passionate audience, sharing the stage with fellow talented artists, opening doors for future collaborations with other songwriters, and supporting live music. I would also like to mention that 4 artists were selected from our inaugural BLC Christmas Collaborative to open for Peter Breinholt at his sold out Christmas concerts in Salt Lake City and in Provo. Amazing opportunities are there for you if you decide to take up the challenge and share your songs with us.

We at Broadway Loft Concerts hope you participate in our songwriting collaborations this year, and hope you are as excited about this initiative as we are! Remember, spots are limited, and we are looking for artists who are passionate and have something that they need to share at our concerts this year. If that’s you, please don’t hesitate to apply.

For those that are wanting to be featured artists in future Broadway Loft Concert series please attend a concert if you haven’t already, and participate in these songwriter collaboratives so we at BLC can hear some of your original work and get to know you better.

Warm wishes,

Jennifer Madsen
Creative Director, SingBaby Productions, LLC
Broadway Loft Concert Series